If you’re planning for a weekend getaway or even a few months of travel time, packing is typically what most people don’t like having to do. And, it can feel like a total ordeal. What if you forget something important? What if you don’t have room? What are you supposed to even bring? Stop stressing. We’ve got your back with a few hacks that will make your time packing fly by and save you from a few common packing headaches.

Tangled Jewelry No More! It’s time to feel like your favorite necklaces wont get tangled in your perfect earrings. Avoid the tangling problem by using press and seal plastic wrap. Put the jewelry in between two pieces and voila! Jewelry that stays put in transit. Another tip, use a daily pill organizer for rings.

Banish wrinkles by putting clothing that’s prone to wrinkling in dry cleaning bags and proceed to pack and fold as normal. Don’t forget to check the weather at your destination(s)! It might be hot or cold or both so pack accordingly by looking at the weather forecast.

To save space try rolling the clothes that are wrinkle resistant.  By rolling them you’re saving more space in your suitcase. If you’re worried about the dirty soles of shoes touching clean clothing put them in a shower cap to leave a layer of distance between the two.

Find The Ultimate List! If you don’t want to forget something there are tons of awesome notebooks online that are prefilled with a list of every possible thing you may need on your vacation for both genders.

Bring a mesh bag for dirty laundry. That way if it gets dirty or smells it can be separated from the rest of the clothing that hasn’t been worn yet. And, it can be an easy way to keep your clothes off the hotel floor. We’re not saying we doubt the cleanliness of a nice establishment, but sometimes it’s best to be safe rather than sorry if you’re a bit of a neat freak!

Start packing early and do a little bit day by day until only the essential daily’s are left then just get it done. Not only does this take the stress off of doing it all in one day but chances are you may even get it done early.