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  • Best Dive Spots For Experienced Scuba Divers - You’re a pro at this, under the sea is where your soul belongs and when it comes to scuba diving this is not your first rodeo! It’s not our first rodeo either, so we often find ourselves trying to locate dive locations that challenge, ignite or otherwise excite experienced divers. Cathedral Cove: Located in New […] Continue reading
  • Extreme Sports You Have To Try At Least Once {It’s Time To Be Brave, Ladies!} - Sky Diving – Go ahead and take the leap. Not only will you love the adrenaline rush, you will be creating a memory that lasts a life time. (Plus the street cred, let’s not forget about the street cred.) Jumping out of a plane is a unique experience you’ll be happy you did. Plus, you’ll […] Continue reading
  • Travel Hacks To Make Packing Easier - If you’re planning for a weekend getaway or even a few months of travel time, packing is typically what most people don’t like having to do. And, it can feel like a total ordeal. What if you forget something important? What if you don’t have room? What are you supposed to even bring? Stop stressing. […] Continue reading
  • Ultimate List of Scuba Diving Essentials - It’s getting hot out there! Which means it’s time to start hitting up your favorite summer water activities like scuba diving! Scuba diving isn’t just something you can run out and do… like running. It’s a water adventure that takes preparation, planning, and the proper equipment to have a successful dive. Don’t dive into the […] Continue reading
  • A Brief Timeline Of American Aviation - 1903: Orville and Wilbur Wright make first powered, controlled flight in a flying machine. The Wright brothers’ achievement would change the development of aviation and kick start the 20th century. From this moment forward aviation turns a corner, and things begin to move forward in ways that many had not thought possible. 1911: Aircrafts are […] Continue reading
  • Easy Ways To Train Smarter & Get Better Gains - Making gains as a woman can be hard… the odds are stacked against us. Just, here this out: women can do anything they want, and have the right to be bold and push forward and break glass ceilings. But when it comes to fitness and raw brut strength men have something that keep them ahead […] Continue reading
  • Flight Attendant Uniforms Thru The Years - 1930’s – Company colors were utilized to amp up uniformity amongst the crew. The garb was conservative and made out of warm fabrics such as wool. Overall the uniforms were modest with calf length skirts and a cape. A little later on in the 30’s women desired a more flattering figure so a pill box […] Continue reading
  • 7 Ways To Celebrate Gradutating - Take A Road Trip With Your Friends – You’ve been bogged down by reports, homework, and finals for months. Now it’s time to celebrate your hard-earned freedom. Grab the friends that were on the front lines with you studying night after sleepless night to cram and get through finals. Jump into the car, pack your […] Continue reading
  • 5 Gift Ideas For Mom - Mother’s Day shopping can be stressful. Let us make it easier for you: Double Chain Necklace: What if mom isn’t a watch girl? No problem! We have the perfect accessory for her. Dainty necklaces are a great way to show mom you care, when they say you can’t go wrong with jewelry that’s totally true. Our […] Continue reading
  • The Struggles and Rewards of Being A Small Business Owner - ICON Conference is an incredible opportunity for small business owners to convene together to show our strength and use powerful sources to get stronger. There are definitely huge pros and cons to being a business owner / entrepreneur. From the Abingdon experience, here are a few: PROS: Flexibility: Ahhhh yes. You can make plans whenever […] Continue reading

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