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Marina in Bahama Blue

Marina in Bahama Blue


The Watch: A dive watch designed by female dive masters and instructors over the course of 2 years, say hello to Marina. Under the elements of the deep sea or used as arm candy, Marina is both functionally sound at depths of 660ft and beautifully built with it’s luminous dial and lightweight titanium case. And because we know SCUBA divers travel the world seeking out the most remote locations looking for untouched waters, we included a world timer.

The Band: 20mm Titanium for lightweight and strength. EZ Squeeze pins on the back of the metal band allow you to easily remove or put on any 20mm strap. No need to use any tools or take it to a jeweler to swap out your band. And for cold water dives, we included a band expander hidden in the buckle so Marina will fit around your wetsuit. Yep, we thought of that too.

Product Manual
Download The Marina Product Manual [PDF]

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  • Description

    Product Description


    Water Depth – 200 Metres (20 ATM, 660ft water-resistant)
    Diver’s Automatic Miyota Movement
    Uni-Directional Diver’s Outer Bezel
    Bi-Directional World Timer Inner Bezel
    Case Size – 40mm
    Screw Down Fuselage Back Door
    20mm Titanium Seatbelt with Diver’s Clasp and WetSuit Expander
    Luminous Cabin Interior that glows green
    Deep Water Super Luminova hands
    Anti-Reflective Sapphire Glass
    Packaged in TSA Approved Abingdon Equipment Case

    Free with purchase (cost is adjusted in your cart):

    SCUBA style silicon watch strap etched with The Abingdon Co. name on the 1 point Buckle Harness. A flat metal buckle allows for quick and comfortable adjustments even if you have cold or wet fingers.

    EZ Squeeze pins on the back allow you to easily remove or put on the strap No need to use any tools or take it to a jeweler to swap out your band.

  • Reviews (5)


    1. out of 5


      Five stars! This is my most recent Abingdon watch added to my collection – this make a total of 4 for me so that has to say something about how much I enjoy these watches. I love having a brand just for aviation ladies.

      The watch face is elegant but hardy enough to make a statement- easy to dress up or down. I get a lot of comments at work. World clock and dive timer are great functions. The band had fun hatch pattern and the blue really pops with the silver band. I haven’t taken the watch for a drive, but the hardy construction seems like it will withstand the depths noted in the description. The band expander is handy for everyday potentials depending on how you wear the watch. I do have some scratching on bottom of the band from heavy use, but nothing I wouldn’t expect given my work environment. Overall, I happy with the watch and functions it offers.

    2. out of 5


      I love this watch! Its stunning and I wear it almost every other day and get compliments galore! You don’t need to be a diver to enjoy this watch. This is a great watch and is heavy duty – takes a lot of wear and tear. amj

    3. out of 5


      Love the watch. Beautiful and durable – it takes a pounding! The only feature missing for me is day of the week. This is watch #2 for me …. One for flying, one for diving!

    4. out of 5


      Beautiful watch and I can wear it in the water. Plus I can see the time in the dark without having to turn on my cell. This is my second Abingdon watch. It does get lots of compliments!

    5. out of 5


      I’ve had my watch since June 2015 and I love it! This is my third Abingdon watch and I can’t say enough about it. I took my Bahama Blue Marina on my year-long USAF deployment to Afghanistan to class things up a bit and bring a bit of color to my uniform. I was wearing my watch on 11 Oct 15, when the British helicopter I was a passenger on crashed in the NATO compound in Kabul. My watch survived, as did I. Completely amazing, given my injuries and the damage to other items I had on my person that day. It is a tribute to the hardy, yet classy, construction, design and style. I’ve worn my Marina watch every day since the crash – in every uniform combination…a LOT of compliments and people impressed with the sturdiness of the watch. I know it is from another company, but both my watch and I ‘took a licking and keep on ticking!”

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