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Jackie in Sunset Pink

Jackie in Sunset Pink


The Watch: An elegant chronograph timer with a Sunset Pink genuine Mother-of-Pearl face.  64 twinkling cubic zirconia rivets (real diamonds also available) on a classic stainless steel case with rotating bezel. Stainless steel seatbelt with one point harness. Complete with an E6B Flight Calculator to be your best backup to an instrument failure. With the ability to divide, multiply, convert currency or the standard to metric system, this is the original smart watch.

Product Manual
Download The Jackie Product Manual [PDF]

  • Description

    Product Description

    Fuselage Size – 41.5mm
    Screw Down Fuselage Back Door
    20mm Stainless Steel Seatbelt
    Genuine Mother of Pearl Interior in Sunset Pink
    Night Vision Super Luminova Hands and Hour markings
    Sapphire Windshield
    Number of Twinkling Rivets – 64
    (Diamond Option – .94 Carats)
    Pilot’s Stopwatch Quartz Movement
    E6B Flight Computer
    Critical Altitude – 50 Metres (5 ATM, 165 ft water-resistance)
    Packaged in TSA Approved Abingdon Luggage

  • Reviews (8)


    1. out of 5


      I was given the Jackie Watch as a gift because of my new found passion in aviation. the best part is fashionable with the large face and crystal accent and functionall with a E6B built right into it. The pink face is a beautiful shade of sunset that almost appears irrodescent. This watch is comfortable to wear everyday weather I am flying or helping out the Recreation Aviation Foundation fly-ins. Thank you Abingdon Company for designing such a trendy, functional watch with a pink face….having the owners Manuel is a plus when I need to remember how to use the E6B!

    2. out of 5


      This is the first of my two Abingdon Co. watches. For 3 years I wore this watch on a daily basis. The big bold watch matched perfectly while wearing epaulets, made a statement in office attire, and transitions beautifully when dressing up for a night out. I love this watch with the pink leather band, as well. The best feature of this watch is the unbelievable durability. Countless times in stressful cockpit moments, its hit the dash or slammed into the frame and it doesn’t ever show it! A beautiful watch made to endure the true pilot lifestyle!

    3. out of 5


      I cannot emphasize how much I LOVE THIS WATCH! I first saw this beauty during one of the annual Air Race Classic events. I purchased it as a reward for finally completing all of my flight training. This watch is professional, with a feminine touch. It also makes for a great conversation piece. I had always wanted an aviation-themed watch, but I could never find one that seemed to match my preferences until I discovered Abingdon’s Jackie in Sunset Pink. 5/5 stars!

    4. out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I love my Jackie Watch! I’d been admiring Abingdon’s for awhile and decided to finally check them out at the 2014 Women in Aviation Conf. in Dallas. Initially hesitant that it would be too big for my small wrist, I wore it for several days and found it to be comfortable (just make sure you size it correctly). Thanks for making a great classic watch that is fun to wear and reminds me daily of why I love aviation!

    5. out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      The Jackie in Sunset Pink was the perfect gift for my wife as she completed CFI, a long time goal she had set aside to concentrate on family priorities. Jeanette uses her Jackie every day at work as a CFII and is working on completing her MEI. The watch also reminds her of a role model and friend, Jackie B who is a fantastic mentor and advocate of the 99s where Jeanette was encouraged to push herself professionally and personally. She has been wearing the Jackie for over a year on a daily basis and uses the E6B in the cockpit regularly to check her student’s calculations. If you want a watch that is decidedly feminine and very functional, as a special gift or for yourself, I think it is a great choice.

    6. out of 5


      This is the watch I wear on special occasions! It is so beautiful – I have the Jackie in Sunset Pink and I love it. I get so many compliments from strangers!

    7. out of 5


      I purchased my Jackie at Sun and Fun this year in Sunset pink. I absolutely love its functionality and beautiful style and that my small wrist is not overpowered by a huge timepiece. If you’re looking for something elegant yet practical and useful in the cockpit, then look no further.

    8. out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I purchased my Jackie at WAI a few years ago (2016?). When I went to the booth Abingdon immediately remembered the watch I had drooled over for a couple of years. Yes, it was the beautiful Jackie in Sunset pink.Beautiful, durable, and functional. It is fashionable and definitely an eye catcher! Wear it daily and it never disappoints.

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