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Amelia in Runway Black

Amelia in Runway Black


The Watch: New and Improved Case – we moved the E6B crown to the middle for lefties and righties. Go ahead and wear it on either wrist. We dare you.

A dual time zone timepiece with date window on a Runway Black cabin interior.  Classic stainless steel case with rotating bezel surrounded by a Runway Black croco leather strap. Complete with an E6B Flight Calculator to be your best backup to an instrument failure. With the ability to divide, multiply, convert currency or the standard to metric system, this is the original smart watch.

The Band: EZ Squeeze pins on the back of the leather band allow you to easily remove or put on any 20mm strap. No need to use any tools or take it to a jeweler to swap out your band.

Product Manual
Download The Amelia Product Manual [PDF]

  • Description

    Product Description

    Fuselage Size – 40mm
    Screw Down Fuselage Back Door
    20mm Aircraft Grade Leather Seatbelt
    Runway Black Cabin Interior
    Night Vision Super Luminova Hands and Hour markings
    Sapphire Windshield
    Pilot’s Zulu Movement
    Critical Altitude – 50 Metres (5ATM, 165 ft water-resistant)
    Packaged in TSA Approved Abingdon Luggage

  • Reviews (7)


    1. out of 5


      This was the first watch I bought from the Abingdon collection. I absolutely love it. It’s durable, accurate, serves a purpose and it just fun to wear. I also love changing straps to different colors. What a relief to finally have a ladies pilot watch

    2. out of 5


      This watch was a gift to myself when I got my ticket 5 yrs ago. Last year at the Triple Tree festival (SC00) in South Carolina I lost the watch the first day, couldn’t find it anywhere and remorsefully gave up the search.. After a week of camping, I was dismantling my campsite to return home. In the process I dumped out the 30-qt. cooler of ice and water and there on top of the ice was my Abingdon watch. After a week of being submerged I was delighted to find it still ticking the correct time and no worst for the experience. I might also add that Abingdon service over the years has been outstanding!

    3. out of 5


      My first Abingdon purchase a few years ago at Oshkosh and I still love it! It’s a great product, well made and stylish!

    4. out of 5


      I bought this watch as a gift to myself for passing my private pilot check ride almost 4 years ago. This is my go to watch for not only flying but also for going out on the town. It’s also a great conversation piece and it’s really the only watch I wear anymore. I’d definitely recommend Amelia and it’s fun to change out the bands.

    5. out of 5


      I love this watch. I think the black color looks professional, and sharp. The leather band is durable. The watch keeps good time. I like the size of the face, ( larger) and the Zulu time hand. Great watch, looks good.

    6. out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I love my Amelia! Such a beautiful piece!
      I completed my Private Pilot practical and received my certificate in December. I wear this watch with honor as it reminds me of my accomplishment daily.

    7. out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      The Amelia Runway Black arrived today–Great watch!. Took it for a test flight. Was a bit leery at first, I have purchased other watches that just do not measure up. Once on, it felt like it had always been mine–comfortable, easy to wear, easy to read, snug to the wrist. I am no longer wearing a boat anchor. Also, I am impressed with the purchase process; talked to a real sales rep who knew their stuff and could answer questions, the human element–priceless. And a timely landing for the package from the date of purchase. The new Amelia has found a happy home–time to go walk the Golden Retrievers.

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