New technology is exciting for any industry; it revolutionizes processes, creates new opportunities, and creates steps that make moving forward easier. Though some industries move at a pace that’s faster than others it doesn’t mean that there isn’t valid progress being made in technology in that field. The potential of using upgraded technology in planes, airport, and general travel is limitless. Here are just a few ways technology may begin to break into the aviation scene:

Blockchain Technology – Blockchain (here is a quick refresher of the definition of the technology from the guy who invented it:  an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.) has the ability to turn airline miles into something much more pervasive and valuable outside the defined boundaries of airlines and hands through their journey between airlines, airport, and more.

Drones – Though they are primarily in use for recreational or marketing purposes they could potentially serve many others as time goes on and things go through trial and error. A few o the ways in which many believe drones could be utilized in aviation is through air traffic control, pilot training, and more.

Augmented Reality – Yet another technology that’s gaining more ground but still on the cutting edge. A quick recap of augmented reality versus virtual reality: virtual reality creates a different world than the one you’re in. Augmented reality alters your current one by adding additional things to it.  The view is enhanced with information (sensory input, static and dynamic information sources, location, object and context awareness) and functionalities which could be applied on the airport ramp to support ground operations through the use of the AR technology.

Indoor positioning systems (Beacon technology) – Tracking moving objects with beacon tech is becoming more and more popular in mainstream industries. Like Tile that will help you find your keys. Think of a beacon on every piece of luggage, and more.