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The Abingdon Co. Rewards 1 Golden Ticket to 1 Lucky Winner

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?

The Abingdon Crew is excited to offer it’s first ever Golden Ticket to one lucky winner. The Golden Ticket will be hidden in one watch box from a purchase. Once discovered, the Golden Ticket can be redeemed for a roundtrip ticket anywhere in the world that the winner chooses.

“I have been wanting to offer the Golden Ticket for a very long time. We have always promoted adventure. Whether it is by piloting an airplane, or diving in the oceans, our world is a playground and should be explored and enjoyed,” company founder and Crew Member in Chief, Abingdon Mullin says. “The Golden Ticket will hopefully bring the reality of travel closer to everyone who hears about it. Oftentimes, people don’t travel because it can be costly. Well we took that objection away. Now you can go somewhere you’ve always wanted and you don’t have to think about the air travel cost. It’s on us.”

The winner will find a gold airline ticket wrapped around their new watch. Once found, the winner will contact the company and inform the company of when and which city in the world they would like to go. The Abingdon Co. Crew Members will purchase the roundtrip ticket from the winner’s home location to the destination and back. The winner can choose how long their visit will be, within limitations of any tourist visas that may apply. The winner will have 2 years to claim their reward. No purchase is necessary to win.

Also included will be one fully paid for activity in the destination. If the winner chooses a ski vacation in New Zealand or hiking Machu Picchu, or scuba diving in the Red Sea, The Abingdon Co. will also cover the expense for one activity that the winner desires. The idea is to have fun, see the world, and play a little.

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