Black Friday is the ultimate opportunity to get the perfect gift at the perfect price. But don’t mess up the perfect gift part by not knowing exactly what to get for your wife, mother, sister or friend. A quality time piece is a wonderful gift for any woman… but the key is understanding what kind of watch best suits her individual needs. Don’t stress, here is the key to knowing exactly which Abingdon watch is best for your recipient.

Flight Girl: Ideal for pilots or flight attendants; our Amelia, Katherine, and Jackie are specifically made as aviation watches. This girl has a job that keeps her head in the clouds… literally! And tosses her from time zone to time zone. Which is why one of the aforementioned watches is deal. A dual time zone timepiece with date window on a beautiful face.  Classic stainless steel case with rotating bezel surrounded by a Cloud  croco leather strap. Complete with an E6B Flight Calculator to be your best backup to an instrument failure. With the ability to divide, multiply, convert currency or the standard to metric system, this is the original smart watch.


Under Sea Adventurer: You really wonder if this girl might be a mermaid. She spends her time under the water any chance she can get, diving, snorkeling, surfing, boating, whatever. Her soul belongs to the ocean which is why she needs our Marina. A dive watch designed by female dive masters and instructors over the course of 2 years, say hello to Marina. Under the elements of the deep sea or used as arm candy, Marina is both functionally sound at depths of 660ft and beautifully built with it’s luminous dial and lightweight titanium case. And because we know SCUBA divers travel the world seeking out the most remote locations looking for untouched waters, we included a world timer.

Travel Bunny: She probably needs a new passport because it’s starting to fill up. This girl is always on the go and loves to explore new places, see new cultures, and try new things. Novelty is her game. So we can promise she’ll love our Elise. Surrounded by a bi-directional rotating bezel always keeps you on course. The ultimate travel watch. Start daydreaming about where your travels will take you next.