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Top 10 Most Romantic Getaways

Looking to lock-out the world this Valentines Day? Grab your sweetie and get away from the world for a while. Traveling is the perfect way to show them how much you care; spending quality time together. However, some locations are a little more romantic than others. Here is our list of favorites for every couple:

The Adventurers: How would you like to hike an active volcano? Well, that’s what Guatemala has to offer. Couples who really like to live on the edge might want to take the most fearsome path up Volcan Pacaya, the most active volcano in Guatemala, which would be to climb straight up into its mouth. Boasting many awards from National Geographic Guatemala has much to offer for the adventure couple; it’s a journey through the land of the Maya which takes you back in time.

The local culture is vibrant, offering up experiences that love birds will surly never forget. Building experiences together is a beautiful part of creating bonds in a relationship, and Guatemala won’t disappoint.

Smoke swirls around the sulphur-streaked volcano.

The Urban Dwellers: New York. Yes, it sounds generic but if you’re a city person then this is the ultimate city to spend Valentine’s Day. And, this city basically has it all. Looking for a couples massage? You’ll find the best one at Aire Ancient Baths, the Lafayette House is an inner city oasis, and more.


The Luxe Lovers: Amangiri Resort in Utah, talk about seclusion! This resort not only provides a beautiful experience that oozes luxury it also takes advantage of the majesty of the surrounding landscape. Suites are open and pour naturally into the desert terrain, allowing for the sleek modern design to blend into nature instead of disrupt it. If you have a taste for luxury this is the place to be. It’s a suite-only hotel which means every room is a stunner.

The spa, for those with a lust for luxury will possibly the best part. The large desert-view spa focuses on restoring hózhó, which means beauty, harmony, balance and health in Navajo. Should you decide to venture outside there are tons of ways to get out there and get exploring. From horseback rides to kayaking this desert is a real Valentines Day treat.


The Exotic Zealot: Melany Region, northwest Madagascar. You that couple that loves to completely immerse yourself in culture shock? Madagascar is one of the best places to enjoy tropical scenery and exotic wanderlust. A perfect example is The Forest of Knives, it is truly intriguing that wildlife can happily exist amidst razor sharp vertical rocks in this mesmerizing forest. You can hike around the bizarre pinnacles of limestone and observe different kinds of birds and lemurs.

The various options between exotic beaches for romantic sunsets and exotic wildlife is perfectly balance to create an ideal exotic romantic getaway.


The History Buffs: Athens, Greece. For those who love locales that are rich in world history and house historic landmarks this is one of the best possible options. Together you can explore the rich history of ancient Greece, combing through the ruins and many sites and tours to see. Not to mention, the locals are warm and welcoming. You’ll feel the love in this city!

Noteworthy historical sights to see include: The Acropolis, also called the Sacred Rock, Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos, and many more.


Traveling is an opportunity to see who you are as a person, and who you are with your partner. Take advantage of that special opportunity this Valentine’s Day.

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