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Tips To Improve Shooting Accuracy

To all huntresses out there, we know how passionate you are about your sport. Being able to hunt whether it be by gun point or archery is an incredible skill that requires continual practice and fine-tuning. That’s why we have a few tips to help you out as much as possible in order to become the best huntress you can be. And, with the SHOT show in Las Vegas coming up, it would be nice to be at the top of your game! Even if all you’re doing is taking a look at the latest and greatest your favorite retailers have to offer.


Without further a-do here are some small tips to help you with firing accuracy in shooting handguns:

  • Be Contentious Of Trigger Control: It’s us that impacts the accuracy of a tool we’re using, not the tool. Reset the action on your pistol and have your partner balance a piece of spent brass on the front sight. Now, execute a smooth, clean press of the trigger. If you do this correctly, the front sight will not dip or move and the brass will stay in place. If the brass falls off, you are generally jerking the trigger and causing movement in the gun.
  • Follow Through: Being steady is essential. For new shooters there is often the anticipation of another shot or themselves shooting which causes a flinch and thusly negatively impacts accuracy. Remaining steady is key.
  • Sight and Picture Alignment: On the most fundamental level our goal is to align with our target while intently focusing on what’s in FRONT of us versus to the sides. The sides will remain blurry because we’re focused on the front. Don’t let this get to you or create an inaccurate shooting response. Try shooting in a benched position to get over this hurdle.

We didn’t forget about you, archers! Here are a few to improve your accuracy as well:

  • Blind Shooting: The idea here is to find a target that you’re sure to hit then stand 2-3 yards away from it. Now as you’re pulling back really think about all of the sensations taking place. Breathe, move slowly and release with intention.
  • Shot Angles: It’s common to fall into the trap of practicing the same shot over and over. Try taking a shot from an angle you don’t usually use.
  • Change Distances: The theme here is clear, switch it up, ladies! If you’re used to doing it one way try it another way. Changing the target will help you improve accuracy so you’re prepared for any situation.


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