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  • The Struggles and Rewards of Being A Small Business Owner - ICON Conference is an incredible opportunity for small business owners to convene together to show our strength and use powerful sources to get stronger. There are definitely huge pros and cons to being a business owner / entrepreneur. From the Abingdon experience, here are a few: PROS: Flexibility: Ahhhh yes. You can make plans whenever […] Continue reading
  • History’s Top 5 Most Inspirational Female Pilots - Women have had a bigger impact on Aviation than they are given credit for, creating pivotal points in the industry that made it the strong field it is today. Often under-cut or placed under shadows women were a part of aviation from the beginning but weren’t often acknowledged for their contributions, here are 5 that made […] Continue reading
  • Land-Locked Places You Can Scuba Dive - Love to scuba dive but don’t have quick access to the sea to make it happen? That’s OK! You might be lucky enough to near one of the few diving locations that are land-locked. That’s right, even those who are land-locked may have the opportunity to enjoy a world under the water. Though it may […] Continue reading
  • How Helicopters Save Lives - The Heli Expo has come and gone, but it was an incredible experience as per the usual. This is where the global helicopter industry gathers to build professionals, networks, and solutions. Together we celebrate helicopters as a united community of pilots and aviation geeks. The Abingdon Co. had a blast and had fun reconnecting with […] Continue reading
  • The Evolution Of Women In Aviation - Women have always had a rough go of breaking the glass ceiling, and aviation is no different than any other industry — if not a perfect example.  We believe in women feeling empowered to do everything a man can do. Equality, bravery and strength in all things. It took many women who share these qualities […] Continue reading
  • Top 10 Most Romantic Getaways - Looking to lock-out the world this Valentines Day? Grab your sweetie and get away from the world for a while. Traveling is the perfect way to show them how much you care; spending quality time together. However, some locations are a little more romantic than others. Here is our list of favorites for every couple: […] Continue reading
  • Most Affordable Light Sport Aircrafts - The Sebring Sport Aviation Show was awesome, having ended a couple days ago we’re still enjoying the rush of watching the agility of the aircrafts that were displayed at the show in action. The show itself was as on-point as ever; providing spectators, aviators, and aviatrixes a-like with entertainment that made everyone there wish they could […] Continue reading
  • Tips To Improve Shooting Accuracy - To all huntresses out there, we know how passionate you are about your sport. Being able to hunt whether it be by gun point or archery is an incredible skill that requires continual practice and fine-tuning. That’s why we have a few tips to help you out as much as possible in order to become […] Continue reading
  • Top Travel Destinations This Winter - Winter can be both magical and at times a little less than a winter wonderland. Which means it’s the perfect time to grab your Abingdon watch, suitcase, and travel somewhere new. Whether that means getting away from the cold or finding the best snow on earth, this list has an option for everyone: Barcelona, Spain: […] Continue reading
  • Top 10 Places To Go Diving - Looking for a new adventure for that thrill of adrenaline? Or simply looking to explore more of the world around you? For both of those goals and everything in between diving has what you need to make it happen. Don’t know where to dive? Let me help you out: Egypt – Red Sea, Big Brother: […] Continue reading

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