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Abingdon Repair Service

“Hands down has been the easiest experience to deal with a bit of Mx for my precious Seaplane Green Jackie. She’s back on my arm delightfully shiny and airworthy! Thanks Abingdon!!”      ~Torea Rodriguez

Here is the information for our repair/warranty service. If you are unfamiliar with our warranty, please see our Warranty Information here.

Steps to Submit your watch for a successful repair:

1. Fill out the below form. You should then receive a copy in your email. Print this form and include with your watch when you ship it.

2. Send the watch and registration card (if you haven’t already) , and a shipping and handling fee ($20 USD for domestic shipping or $55 USD for international shipping) to the following address and include your name and information.

3. PLEASE pull the crown out so no gears move during shipping. It typically takes a week from when we receive the watch to get you a quote for any repairs outside of warranty. All repairs take typically 2 weeks for repair as we want at least 3 days to watch your Abingdon timepiece work properly before sending it back home. We will also provide a complimentary cleaning and battery replacement for any service we do on the watch.

The Abingdon Co. Repairs
3409 E Vernon St.
Gilbert AZ 85298

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