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Most Affordable Light Sport Aircrafts

The Sebring Sport Aviation Show was awesome, having ended a couple days ago we’re still enjoying the rush of watching the agility of the aircrafts that were displayed at the show in action. The show itself was as on-point as ever; providing spectators, aviators, and aviatrixes a-like with entertainment that made everyone there wish they could have their own sport plane. Well, it might not be as unattainable as you think. Some can be relatively cheap… or at least cheaper than you were picturing.

Aerolite 103

Probably the cheapest on the list this plane sells for $16,000 with all parts including powerplant. It’s a little reminiscent of the Wright Brothers but that’s part of it’s charm, no? It’s a ready-to-fly plane with all necessary features equipped. That airplane has most of the equipment and capabilities that a recreational pilot wants. So, if you want to get flying right away this may be the most affordable option on the market right now.


Pioneering CGS Hawk

One of the more well-known brands in aviation is the CGS Hawk. Originally developed by a NASA tech, this plane is one of the favorites due to it’s awesome aerodynamics. In fact, the design has been refined over 30 years of use, design, and constant industry learning.(Not that the other’s aren’t aerodynamic, we’re just sayin: NASA.) The business just hired a new CEO who plans on servicing planes on the field with parts and etc. at a very reasonable price. In fact, he also plans on selling kits should you be able to make the repairs yourself. Handy? Very much so. Affordable? You’ve got it.


M-Squared’s Low-Cost SLSA

Celebrating its 20th year in business in 2016, (congrats, guys!) M-Squared Aircraft has built more than 500 land and sea planes. Impressively enough, Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval for its Breese 2 DS aircraft, the first of this type of light airplane to win such acceptance by FAA. While planes that are of similar caliber can run well past $150,000 this plane only costs $40,000. A steal compared to it’s market competitors in terms of quality and years in business as a company.



A very affordable and field-proven brand continues to remain a favorite in the industry by aviation geeks and pro-pilots alike. This icon of light aviation has delivered more complete kit aircraft than any other producer. An impressive number of over 18,000 were sold since the 1980’s. Talk about street cred.


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